Are all indie developers constantly at risk of having any and all personal google and gmail accounts banned permanently even if they used a separate google account for business purposes?

Let's say you have two google accounts, one for personal use and one for business use. Your business account gets banned, and they also ban all associated google accounts (including your personal account). Would you still be able to use your personal gmail account that you used to create your personal google account?

I understand that google doesn't want developers finding ways to avoid a ban by creating multiple accounts, but couldn't they just revoke your personal/other accounts abilities to upload applications instead of permanently banning them? Is the expectation really that you must use your personal google account to create a developer account?

Would you also need to create a new email address as well in the event of a ban?

Do indie developers just live in a constant state of anxiety wondering if google will randomly wipe all their accounts without any ability to find out specifically what they did? I keep reading horror story after horror story of accounts getting banned and developers not even being able to find out why.

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